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Sasha Vivelo, Ph.D.

Microbial Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics


Microbial Masters of the Carbon Cycle

Because fungi cycle up to 60Gt of carbon annually, fungal ecology is a crucial piece of the global climate puzzle. However, we currently have limited understanding of what drives fungal activity. My research aims to link fungal decomposers’ biology to their evolutionary history and elucidate the mechanisms that drive fungal community assembly during fungal decomposer succession.


Summer 2021 Postdoc

May 31, 2021

I'm pleased to say I'll be continuing to work with the Bhatnagar Lab as a short-term postdoctoral associate for the months of June, July, and August 2021. I will continue to study the genomics of fungal decomposer succession.

Orange wood rots.jpg

“Math made the universe. Without math, DNA couldn’t copy itself, and the planets couldn’t stay in their orbits and the gravity of all the planets and all the solar systems wouldn’t have the same effect of holding each other in geometric orbits and the galaxy as we think we know it wouldn’t be here.”

Petra Van Belle


5 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215


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